Bonjourrrrr and welcome to my little world where I help entrepreneurs and small business owners Lit their Lights (*insert my happy dance here*)

Well let’s get to it. My name is Cindy Maléombho - Codo and I have a crazy passion for entrepreneurship, dance, design, fashion, beauty, hospitality and anything branding (well that’s a lot). So in a nutshell, I created INDOKA to help you develop your voice and reach new high in your business and life while monetizing it. I call this Lit your Light!

People have always refer to me as trustworthy, relatable, reliable and fun but you know what? these are what other people say about me, I will have to let you judge for yourself.

My background (I'm originally from West Africa) and my travel adventures enabled me to be culturally diverse and allowed me to instantly connect on a deeper level with a variety of individuals and, of course, my clients. Oh, I almost forgot... for those of you interested in my curriculum; I was once an undergrad student in Economics, who also earned a Master degree in Hospitality and Event Management. Well, you add that to my experience in marketing and business development, and you'll soon found out why I'm able to evaluate each clients needs and develop high impact strategies aimed at increasing your marketing and branding goals.

I also want to make the world a better place so I meticulously integrated everything buyable on this site geared to help girls in underdeveloped countries become the best that they can be.

My goal, really, is to help you be known for your skills and talents by developing sound and stylish branding and marketing strategies to improve every aspect of your businesses and lives while simultaneously impacting African female/girls through entrepreneurship and education.

7 Things you don’t know about me (just because 7 is my fav number):

  • I have 3 sisters… all unanimously think that I'm a weirdo laughing at my own jokes (*side eye*)
  • I have a husband who thinks that I dream too much… apparently my daughters seem to think that too!
  • I traveled to the UAE, Canada, USA, Brazil, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Holland, Ghana, Kenya, Senegal, Benin, Central Africa, South Africa…. I will spare you all the cities in those countries cause it'll fill out the page for nothing.
  • I speak French, English and understand German and Spanish. I also took Latin in high school (go figure!) 
  • I used to play Beethoven like a little virtuoso. However, my piano skills have depleted since then...
  • I dance since I was 3 years old ( ballet, hip hop, contemporary… you name it) and I kind of stopped for a little while but I plan on going back at it again (hopefully).
  • Finally I hate chocolate and coffee. I may be the only person you now know who says that right…I know lol?

What some of my clients say

- My experience with INDOKA CREATIVE was a success. I really enjoyed the good work of Cindy the founder of the agency. She is professional and always available to help you to reach your goal. Now I use my social media platform in a better way to find more customers. I will definitely work with her again in the future. Angel Kaba Choreographer - Creative & Artistic director New York

- Cindy knows what she is talking about when it comes to business branding. She shows a genuine desire to help me figure out what I want for my company. I learned much in the one hour consultation and will be working with Cindy again in the future. I highly recommend Indoka Creative's consultation services for any business. Melania Leocadia Owner Warlordme

- Cindy is very knowledgeable in her field.  Just an hour with her and I feel I am better equipped with moving forward in my brand strategy. Cindy is an avid listener and gives sound advice. Thank you so much! - Magdalena Silva Owner Fashion Reloved