How to get your branding right: A Quick Case Study - Smith and Cult Brand

Smith and Cult is a beauty brand that really nailed its branding to create a place in the beauty market. A place that's always difficult to break into. Well you may say: How does Smith and Cult stand out from the crowd? Well then, my answer to you is branding 'done right.'


Smith and Cult represents the conflicting duality between light and dark. SMITH being the light end of the spectrum and CULT being the dark end of it. The logo is also handwritten, which makes it more personable and goes with their brand voice concept (e.g. a beauty junkie writing in her diary).


A beauty junkie writing a diary? How cool can is this? S&C is directly speaking to their customers (who also happened to be beauty junkies …hint...hint..). They want to know more about general beauty secrets that their best friend (S&C) would recommend. How is that for nailing in on their audience?


The packaging itself is so beautiful. Put next to some of the other nail polish brands, you will definitely noticed S&C. Just look at the picture above. It definitely deserves a place in anybody’s beauty cabinet. In addition, besides standing out from the crowd, the packaging has a meaning which goes with the brand essence; it embodies the complexity of their customers beauty experiences like the name S&C does. The juxtaposition of the dented cap and the sleek cover represents the experiences and lessons we all learn along the way! Who is really perfect by the way :)


S&C’s web experience is quite amazing! Very hip, modern, colorful and most of all extremely interactive which makes the end user feel like a VIP. Moreover, as you land on the page, you want to know more about the brand. Creating curiosity is always a good idea.


S&C has some of the most interesting names out there. I mean read it for yourself: simply white, my little pony pink dress, cardinal red, kings & thieves, dirty baby, lover’s creep, Stockholm syndrome and countless others. These names are all representative of the founder’s life experiences and quite different from what's out there.


vibrant and interesting colors are offered to their clientele. Moreover, the quality of the lacquer is amazing, which definitely justify their $18 price tag.

So can you see how all these aspects are in sync and on brand? Resulting in a seamless experience for the customer and thus create everlasting memories. What are you doing in your business to enchant your clients? share it below.

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