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Hi, I'm Cindy Maléombho-Codo Founder of Indoka Group and a Brand, Marketing Consultant based between Austin Texas and Abidjan Côte D'Ivoire. I created Indoka Creative out of my love for entrepreneurship and my strong desire to genuinely sculpt brands. I wanted a place where I could help Entrepreneurs and Brands be seen, be heard and stand out.

My West African background and my travel adventures enabled me to be culturally diverse and allowed me to instantly connect on a deeper level with a variety of individuals. For those of you interested in my curriculum; I was once an undergraduate student in Economics, who also earned a Master degree in Hospitality, Restaurant and Event Management.  My past entrepreneurial ventures, my experience in event, marketing, sales and business development, lead me here. Although is was not an easy path, I'm where I'm supposed to be, finally. Teaching, coaching and consulting others so we can ALL make it to the top.

My ultimate goal is to help Entrepreneurs and Brands stand out while simultaneously impacting African women/girls through entrepreneurship and education.

If you're looking to re-brand or maybe you just have a great business idea but you just don't know where to start you came to the right place. Let's connect:

7 Things you don’t know about me (just because 7 is my favorite number):

  • I have 3 sisters… all unanimously think that I'm a weirdo laughing at my own jokes (*side eye*)
  • I have a husband who thinks that I dream too much… apparently my daughters seem to think that too!
  • I loveee to travel, it feeds my soul and sparks my creativity.
  • I speak French, English and understand German and Spanish. I also took Latin in high school (go figure!) 
  • I used to play Beethoven like a little virtuoso. However, my piano skills have depleted since then...
  • I dance since I was 3 years old ( ballet, hip hop, contemporary… you name it) and I kind of stopped for a little while but I plan on going back at it again (hopefully).
  • Finally I hate chocolate and coffee. I may be the only person you now know who says that right…I know lol?

Indoka creative is a brand consulting agency for african entrepreneurs and african brands